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The Pros and Cons of Online Jewelry Shopping

People’s concerns about buying jewelry online are understandable. After all, you wouldn’t want to risk a lost or damaged shipment when that shipment contains something as important as your fiance’s engagement ring or wedding anniversary present. There is also the possibility that the actual, physical piece of jewelry might not look the way you had expected it to when you were viewing it online.

However, one also has to stop and consider the benefits of online jewelry shopping. Online jewelers, by and large, have a wider selection of goods. Prices, as well, are usually a lot better when you buy online. Ultimately, the final decision is up to you, but here is a brief breakdown of the pros and cons of online jewelry shopping that might help you make up your mind.


Speed - Self-explanatory. No driving to the store, no driving back, no stopping for gas, etc. Select, place order, and buy with just a handful of clicks.

Convenience - By shopping online, you don’t have to deal with traffic, crowds of shoppers, check-out lines, parking, or overbearing salespeople. Online you can shop from the comfort of home at your own pace and convenience.

Variety – Online jewelers can offer much bigger selections than retailers or catalog jewelers. Online you will find rare pieces that you won’t come across anywhere else.

Pricing – Online retailers have much fewer overhead costs than conventional stores, which means their savings get passed on to you.

Information - If, while shopping online, you come across anything you don’t understand (say, why are colored diamonds more expensive than white diamonds?) you can simply look it up! Even if you don’t decide to buy online, you can still use the internet to do most of the legwork involved in deciding what kind of necklace, ring, or bracelet to get your loved one.


Human interaction - Yes, salespeople can be annoying. But what if you have a question and want to talk to an actual person about it? A traditional jewelry store can provide you with one-on-one, friendly customer service, which online stores simply cannot do. Your best bet online is to look for retailers that have customer service phone line you can call.

Shipment problems - Though it happens rarely, the possibility of a shipment getting lost or damaged is always there. Make sure that the online retailer you shop from has a policy that covers lost or damaged shipments.

Security Issues – Many people are reluctant to shop online because they’re afraid of their personal and financial information being intercepted and used for fraudulent purposes. While this is still a valid concern, internet security has come a long way. Every legitimate online retailer will work with the latest security software so that all your important information is encrypted and kept secure. Review online retailer’s privacy policy before you decide to make a purchase through them.

An Online Jewelry Shop is One of the Best Ways to Purchase an Engagement Ring

Not everyone has the balls to buy an engagement ring from an online jewelry shop. After all, there are some sacrifices that must be made when shopping online versus a brick and mortar store. Not to mention, a little faith and some good luck.

When you buy an engagement ring at a brick and mortar store, one of the biggest advantages is that you get to actually see the selection of rings in person. You can examine them up close and personal as well as make comparisons between various rings. Typically there will be a salesperson providing you with some knowledge and information about the diamonds, so you don’t feel like a fish out of water. Once you select a ring, you can have it in your grubby little paws just minutes after putting it on your charge card. Should something go wrong with the ring, you can make a fast trip back to the store to get it examined and possibly repaired.

So given all these advantages, why would anyone buy at an online jewelry shop? The biggest reason to buy online is that you will save thousands of dollars. Online jewelry shops don’t have to pay for expensive overhead and are able to pass the savings on to you. Also, you don’t pay for taxes on the ring, which will save you hundreds of dollars. If you’re like my husband, you don’t want any salespeople around putting undue pressure on you to make a purchase beyond your budget. You can avoid having to interact with others, by shopping online.

As with shopping at a brick and mortar store, one make still take precautions. Read the fine print and carefully review the return policy. Make sure they offer a long enough period (i.e. 30 days) for you to know whether the ring is a keeper. Purchase diamonds that are GIA or AGS certified and avoid ones that are not. Check out the ring retailer on the Better Business Bureau. Look at whether anyone has made complaints against the retailer and whether the complaint has been resolved. Finally, make sure the online ring retailer offers a sufficient method of insurance to ensure that you will be covered, should the ring get lost on its way to you.

For great deals from reputable online jewelry shops checkout Blue Nile, one of the best online jewelry stores out there. Also look into Mondera, which has earned rave reviews from customers and those in the know.

Define Your Terms For Jewelry Shopping

Jewelry shopping is literally becoming all the rage. Saving money of gifts, whether for oneself or a loved one, is a necessity today. A few simple tips can help you maximize the savings while also finding you are fully satisfied with the purchase. It is not really a good deal if you saved money but received a piece that is only suited to live in a drawer untouched.

Start by defining what you want. There are different types of wholesalers. There are costume, fine, and gender specific wholesalers that will offer their stock online. Be sure to examine whether you are purchasing a piece that actually fits what you are looking for.

Sometimes you will find everything on one website. This is fine provided that each section is clearly marked. There are few words to describe the disappointment of believing you have ordered something very special and high end only to find that you bought costume jewelry by mistake.

Never place an order online until after you have read the company’s policies on returns and exchanges. Looking for the fine print should be the first thing you do before spending money, rather than the last. This is because it is human nature to want something bad enough to take a risk, even if that risk might waste money. If you look for the policy before you start clicking through the inventory, then you will know whether to continue or to move onto a different site.

Your selection should be appropriately sized. Some wholesalers have rings or bracelets in limited sizes. If it is not clear what size the piece is, either dig around the site to find out or move on. You can waste a lot of time trying to shop on a website that offers plenty of rings and bracelets but does not offer a sizing specification. Usually, this means that there is either one size or the website is set up by someone who is unfamiliar with the jewelry industry.

Getting a really good deal and saving money should be a positive experience. The site you use will have a lot to do with that. Always be very thorough in your research of any wholesale company.

Wholesale jewelry can give you the chance to get the perfect gift for someone you love without sacrificing any quality. If you look at the disclaimers, the fine print, and the reviews you should be able to make a firm decision.